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Featured Funding

*Featured Funding* is a regular article in the Eagle Flyer Newsletter that highlights a program or project funded by the Peter Kirk PTSA, through your contributions to the Fun Run and past auction donations.


To see the full list of projects, programs and purchases, view our current Budget.

Enrichment: Nature Vision

Highlighted 1/29/20


Although students and teachers love the Nature Vision enrichment experience, we understand that parents often haven't heard of it by name.


Nature Vision spends one hour in every Peter Kirk classroom, teaching an experimental nature lesson.


The topics are chosen by our teachers by grade-level and generally follow what students are already studying in science. For example, second grade recently learned about fire lizards while third grade examined salmon in more detail.


The PTSA will spend $2,520 on Nature Vision this year, which is $90 per classroom. This unique enrichment is possible as a result of your Fun Run donations from September.


Nature Vision is a local non-profit organization operating in Woodinville and staffed with scientists from a variety of backgrounds.


Purchase: Books

Highlighted 1/15/20


Did you say, “Books”? Well, Peter Kirk has them, thanks to you! Our library’s books come from a variety of places, all supported by our giving community.


Birthday Book Club

To date, this year’s Birthday Book Club has brought in 189 donated books! If you want to donate a book for your child’s birthday or another special occasion, find more information HERE.


Scholastic Book Fair

Our fall book fair brought in a record $8,600 for our school to spend on books for both the library and classroom libraries. Our librarian, Cheryl Cranson reported to us, “All I can say is WOW! How fun it is to spend money on books we can use. I used this to buy many library bound books that I know will supplement grade level curriculum as well as student enjoyment. I also used it to 'beef up' some areas in the library that I needed/wanted to make more current.


Fun Run

Occasionally we are made aware of larger book needs, such as a set for grade levels or projects, and we are able to purchase those as they come up with your fall donations.


Cheryl Cranson reminds us not to be concerned about empty library shelves. “We have on average 400-500 books checked out each week. When those books are all returned at the end of the year our shelves will be packed.


Thank you for ensuring Peter Kirk has a well-stocked library!


Enrichment: ASSEMBLIES

Highlighted 12/18/19


On top of the assemblies organized by the school, the PTSA hosts 2 additional assemblies each year funded by your generous Fun Run donations. Our goal is to enrich learning through providing different assembly experiences to hopefully inspire students and reinforce with them how to be a respectful audience participant. In addition, our goal is to teach through having fun!


This year, we spent a little over $1,000 to host Corey the Dribbler. He's a former Harlem Globetrotter who travels around the country to inspire students with lessons of hard work, tenacity, and cultivating a positive character. Our student body was split into two groups and Corey wowed them with his amazing tricks and his path to reaching his goals. The students were engrossed as Corey shared how his character and behavior at school and within team sports - even more than his skills with basketball - helped him land his dream job: A spot on the Harlem Globetrotters.


We are grateful for a community that supports different enrichment opportunities for our students. We look forward to working with the school administration to bring another assembly in April.


purchase: lunch carts

Highlighted 12/5/19


Have you been in the school around lunch time? If not, the Lunch Cart trains are a fun sight to see!

The convenience of the cafeteria being so close to the recess area posed an unanticipated challenge: how to transport lunchboxes back to the classrooms. A teacher brainstorm session led to the idea of collapsible wagon carts for each classroom.


The PTSA was able to fund the purchase of 30 Lunch Carts for just over $2,000.


This unexpected need arose as a result of our new building and because of your Fun Run donations, we were able to immediately satisfy that need. Thank you!


Program: teacher grants

Highlighted 11/20/19


As you know, our Fun Run goal was $60,000. This month, we wrote a check to the district for over half that amount - $33,000 for Teacher Stipends and Grants and Grade-Level Enrichments.


Thanks to your generous donations two months ago, we are able to support programs that enhance our students' experience at Peter Kirk like Chorus, Student Council, a portion of 5th Grade Camp, Kindergarten Toymaker, and Green Team, as well as programs that bolster student learning, like math and reading clinics targeted for kids who need some extra help to thrive.


With Thanksgiving upon us, we would like to express our gratitude for the ability to fully fund the teacher stipends and grants this year!


special project: Traversing wall

Highlighted 11/6/19


The brand new Traversing Wall in the school's gym was a high-priority, Special Project that was suggested and voted on by parents, students and staff in March 2018.


In the meantime, the PTSA worked with the district on the project details and we are proud to see it finally installed! Last June, we wrote a $15,000 check from Green Gala Auction funds to ensure installation this fall.


We are hearing of lots of traversing fun during PE and look forward to seeing this used for many years to come!


Purchase: dramatic play furniture

Highlighted 10/23/19


The PTSA's Stipends and Grants Allocation Committee continually works with school administration and teachers to identify school needs and requests.


The kindergarten teachers called our attention to the popular, but aging Dramatic Play Furniture, better known as the 'home center'.


Over the summer, the teachers selected new pieces that we paid $2,165 for in July, from money raised during the 2018 Fun Run.


We hope this will be something kindergarten students will enjoy for many years.



special project: Playground

Highlighted 10/9/19


Working with the LWSD, the PTSA was able to help double the size of the playground from the original plans. Our membership voted on and approved various additions


We were able to write the $54,000 check last May from our Capital Expense account, funded by the 2018 and 2019 Green Gala Auctions.


Thank you for your help in making real changes that affect our kids every day!