Your Peter Kirk PTSA has worked hard over the last few years to reduce and nearly eliminate the use of paper as a form of parent communication, and that effort is getting noticed. A neighboring PTSA recently asked for our guidance in implementing similar strategies to reduce their paper use, stating they have sent out over 10,000 pieces of paper home with students in less than 3 months.


Our current plan is to send out just 3 pieces of paper per student, or 1,929 total sheets of paper per year! This goal was created to save time and money, and to aid in our sustainability efforts.


How do we accomplish this? We use several electronic tools to relay important (and fun!) information:


How can you help us maintain being (almost) paperless?

We want you to stay in the loop! Choose the channel that you use most often and follow a few steps:


  • Update your Communication Settings for email and app push notifications.
  • On our Facebook Page, scroll over "Following" and select "See First" and set Notifications to "On".
  • On our Instagram Page, select Following, Notifications and turn on "Posts".
  • Visit our website regularly! As our information home-base, our website stays updated and our calendar has real-time information.
  • Spread the word!! If you know someone who feels left out, send them to our website for the latest and greatest.