Reflections is a National PTA arts recognition program that helps students explore their own thoughts, feelings and ideas, develop artistic literacy, increase confidence, and find a love for learning that will help them become more successful not only in school, but in life. The program was started in 1969 and is the largest arts program of its kind in the United States. Students have the opportunity to use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their own original works created around a theme that changes each year. This year’s Reflection theme is “Show Your Voice”.


What does “Show Your Voice” mean? It’s definitely up to interpretation, and entries will be critiqued according to the students’ interpretation. There is no right or wrong way to interpret the theme, which is what allows kids to think critically and come up with their own creative solution. Ultimately it’s about what most art is about - expression. Express your message, your emotions, your voice through the arts.



The Reflections program welcomes all grades and abilities to explore and be involved in the arts. Young artists will submit their original works of art. Entries are accepted in six categories:


Dance Choreography

Originally choreographed dance composition.

Film Production

Original works, with or without sound, of animation,

narrative, documentary, experimental or multimedia


Original works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, prose, drama,

short stories and lyrics

Music Composition

Original musical composition, with or without words


Color or black and white, included techniques:

photogram, negative sandwich, and multiple exposure

Visual Arts*

drawing; painting in tempera, oil, acrylic, watercolor or T-shirt paints; computer-generated art; two-dimensional
collage; printmaking; needlework; leather-tooling



*Peter Kirk PTSA’s Reflections program is not accepting 3D artwork at this time. 3D art includes sculptures, dioramas, architecture, 3D printing, etc. Please only submit 2D visual art.


Participation is organized by student age and grade levels. Student works are critiqued against others in the same grade division. This allows recognition and judging of artworks by appropriate developmental age and skill levels. The divisions for Peter Kirk Elementary are:


Primary: Preschool - Grade 2
Intermediate: Grades 3 - 5
Additionally, the Special Artist division is an option for students with a disability as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Generally, rules and guidelines within the special artists division are intended to ensure accessibility to the National PTA Reflections program and are modeled after the guidelines outlined in the ADA.


While the primary focus of Reflections is a celebration of creativity through positive recognition, finalists from Peter Kirk PTSA may advance to Council, then Council-level finalists will advance to Washington State PTA judging. State finalists who receive an “Outstanding Interpretation” award will advance to the National PTA round.
Entries are judged on creative ability and interpretation of the theme.



Tuesday, October 25, 2022 (10:00 pm PST) - Deadline for all entries to Peter Kirk PTSA
Friday, October 28, 2022 - Physical formats of entries are due to Committee Chair
Thursday, November 16, 2022 - Peter Kirk PTSA finalists advance to LWSD Council PTSA
Thursday, January 5, 2023 - Target date for Council to announce Council winners
Thursday, January 19, 2023 - Council winners advance to Washington State PTSA
Friday, January 20, 2023 - Open House (finalist celebration) at LWSD Resource Center
Late March 2023 - Results of WSPTSA announced
May 1, 2023 - Results of National PTA announced



This year, we will be asking students to submit digitally and physically.


To submit digitally:

Click here to download Student Entry Packet (DOCX) (“how to enter” & rules)

Click here to download Student Entry Form (Fillable PDF)

Click here to access the Google Form where you will be asked to enter information about your student and student’s project. There will also be a place to upload your student’s Entry Form and Artwork.


To submit physically:
All works of art will need to be collected in a physical format by Friday, October 28 to Committee Chair. Details to follow.
For Photography and Visual Art, the physical piece of art will need to be mounted on a black hardbacked mount.
For all other categories, the physical submission will need to be your student’s digital file on a flashdrive.


Dance Choreography
Film Production
Music Composition
Visual Art - 2D Entries ONLY
Special Artist Division Guidelines



For any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact Cilicia Reavey, Committee Chair.



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