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Stipends and Grants are a use of PTSA funds that meet the mission of the PTSA to support and celebrate partnerships, programs and events that enrich the educational experience, community and overall well-being of students, teachers and parents.


What is a stipend?
A stipend is compensation for a certificated staff member taking on additional, elective responsibilities. This payment is tied to delivery of specific, elective tasks or objectives. The stipend amount (full and half) is set through the teacher contract with the District and are paid through the district’s payroll from the PTSA budget.


What is a grant?
Grants are funds that are disbursed by the PTSA to Peter Kirk teachers, staff or for school facility improvements. Activities and programs that the PTSA operate and fund itself are not considered grants (e.g. Parent Ed, Art Docent Program, etc.).  

Our PTSA offers four different types of grants:

  • Classroom Grants: Intended for teachers to use for classroom supplies, decorations, books, etc. and is awarded to all teachers and specialists at the beginning of each school year and reimbursed upon required reimbursement filing.
  • Continuing Education: Intended to support teachers and teaching staff with the pursuit of furthering their individual education to better support students. They are given on a first come basis.
  • Program grants: Regular, annual, expected “single-item” grants funded through an approved budget line item (e.g. assemblies; Enrichment Grant by Grade Level, Nature Vision; IXL Math; etc.)
  • One-time grants and surplus grants: These require an application/review each year and are awarded based on available funds. In exceptional case of a budget surplus, additional one-time grants may be allocated and require membership approval.

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