What is a stipend?

A stipend is compensation for a certificated staff member taking on additional responsibilities. This payment is not tied to a specific number of hours; it is tied to specific tasks or objectives. The amount of the stipend is set in the teacher contract with the district. All stipends are paid through the district’s payroll.


What is a grant?

Grants are funds that are disbursed by the PTSA to the school for a specific purpose. Activities and programs that the PTSA funds and runs itself are not considered grants (e.g. Parent Ed, Art Docent Program, etc.).


Who may apply? Peter Kirk principals, teachers, staff and students/parents are eligible. Priority will be given to PTSA members. Applicants may apply individually or as a group and may only submit one grant application each year per project or program.


How to apply

1. See the full details, deadlines and requirements in STIPEND AND GRANT GUIDELINES

2. Download and submit the GRANT APPLICATION FORM