Our school is a special community because of the gifts our volunteers bring to the table. The PTSA has a variety of ways you can contribute! 


There are multiple avenues for volunteering to support the Peter Kirk community. One option involves direct involvement in the classroom, while the other entails participating in PTSA events and activities. Information regarding both volunteer opportunities can be found on this page, and if you're willing, you can choose to engage in both! Your assistance in any form is greatly valued. Let's get started!


Here are two ways to become a volunteer:

  1. The recommended approach is to create an account on our website, which makes tracking your volunteer commitments a breeze.

    This makes it easier for you to  access  all your signups in one convenient location. Don't wait;Join the PTA today to become a member and volunteer!

  2. Alternatively, if you are a member, you can volunteer by choosing a volunteer opportunity HERE.


Feel free to also visit our current PTSA Roster to contact a specific event or program committee chair or board member. See a full list of our Sponsored Programs around the school.


Reminder: The Peter Kirk PTSA will strictly adhere to all volunteering prerequisites set by the LWSD for school premises. All school volunteers must hold official approval as Lake Washington School District volunteers. The process is easy and straightforward. However, it does require some time.


You can find the Lake Washington Volunteer Website and Application Form here.




Other ways to volunteer with PTSA


  • Art Docent
  • STEM Docent 
  • Classroom Connector
  • DEI Chair
  • School Play- 
  • Reflections Chair
  • Special Needs Chair
  • Sustainability Chair


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