Thank you to all of our winners for making Peter Kirk the extraordinary school that it is.


Golden Acorn

This award is presented in partnership with the Washington State PTSA to honor those who have given exemplary volunteer service.


2020-21: Jessica Conver

2019-20: Tricia Barendt

2018-19: Melissa Stone

2017-18: Maureen Crabtree

2016-17: Alexis Christensen/Elysia Heller

2015-16: Hae Sue Park

2014-15: Stephanie Lecovin

2013-14: Sheryl Vincent

2012-13: Amy Rice

2011-12: Margaret McLaughlin

2010-11: Ashley DeBruler/Lisa Kramer

2009-10: Meredith Goldstein

2008-09: Oskar Gjertsson/Maria Jones Staaf

2007-08: Mary Von Scheliha Julie Taylor

2006-07: Heidi Tucker


Golden Eagle

This is a Peter Kirk Elementary PTSA award that recognizes a teacher, staff member, or volunteer who has exhibited a beyond-the-call-of-duty attitude toward our children.


2020-21:Jenny Wang

2020-21: Min Lee

2020-21: Brenda Nunn

2019-20: Miyoko Nather

2018-19: April Rickard

2017-18: Yvonne Holecek/Melanie Miller

2016-17: Kelly Fenberg/Betsy Moskowitz

2015-16: Darlene Hollenbeck

2014-15: Ted McCagg

2013-14: Marel Pease/Meredith Rasche

2012-13: Cindy Anderson

2011-12: Melissa Jackson/Peter Madison

2010-11: Bobbi Ostrum/Karen Peters

2009-10: Liz Hunt/ Debbie Ohman

2008-09: Lisa Baughnsmith/Liz Feldsher

2007-08: Dawn Jeske/Mindy Piro (Gordon)

2006-07: Eva Johansson/Lina Kramer/Judi Radloff


Outstanding Educator

Presented in partnership with the Washington State PTSA, this award was created to recognize individuals who have gone beyond the normal expectations of their job to make outstanding contributions to enhance the education of children. The recipient can be a teacher, specialist, assistant, support staff, custodian, bus driver, administrator or community member.

2020-21: Carrie Creek
2020-21: Mindy Gordon
2020-21: Dominic Michaud

2019-20: Jerry Romano

2018-19: Morley Spencer

2017-18: Lizanne Matrecano

2016-17: Danielle Frost

2015-16: Liz Feldsher

2014-15: Candace Taberner

2013-14: Peggy Lotz/Gary Conklin

2012-13: Jennifer Danielson

2011-12: Dayle Ishii

2010-11: Jerry Romano/Erin Stull

2009-10: Danielle Frost/Diane Vague

2008-09: Jean Reis

2007-08: Katie Peterson

2006-07: Robin Heliotis/Lynne Lunsford/Melissa Halferty/Leslie Sweeney


Outstanding Advocate

2020-21: Kelly Radcliff

2019-20: Laura Harding

2017-18: Kim Lloyd


Honorary Lifetime PTA Award

2020-21: Melissa Stone

2018-19: Sheryl Vincent

2017-18: Stephanie Lecovin


Lake Washington PTSA Council Awards

Outstanding Advocate

2016-17: Stephanie Lecovin


Certificate of Special Service

2016-17: Melissa Stone

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